Astral Crystals Spheres Set



Astral Crystals Spheres Set

Astral Crystals
Astral Crystals

This set of Astral Crystals are 7 large 2 1/4″ Gemstone Spheres.

Each set is hand selected by Sollog and charged.

You display them in any room in your house and they provide a positive Astral Energy Grid system to help balance your home, work or business.

Each set comes with a download of Astral Crystals the Book by Sollog that explains how to use the Astral Crystals.

The 7 Gemstone Spheres are:

Clear Quartz Crystal – Crown

Amethyst – 3rd Eye

Lapis Lazuli – Throat

Green Fluoritie – Heart

Orange Calcite – Naval

Red Jasper – Sacral

Black Obsidian – Root





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