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Major Writings of Sollog eBooks

Major Writings of Sollog
Major Writings of Sollog

Top 31 Books written by Sollog

Download 31 High Quality PDF eBook Files

$2,500 Value if purchased individually

This item is for the purchase of a download of The Major Writings of Sollog.

It includes the top 31 Books Written by Sollog in high quality PDF Files that can be read on any computer with Adobe’s Acrobat eBook Reader and on tablets and eBook Readers with Adobe.

Prophecies of Sollog
Book One – Quatrains of Sollog
Book Two – Quatrains of Sollog
The Creator Formula
Gods Bible Codes
Discoveries of Sollog
Grey Aliens – My Encounter with a Grey Alien by Sollog
Lost Ancient Civilizations
Solstice Lines
Triangle of Fire
Triangles of Death
OOPAS – Out Of Place Artifacts
The True Prophecies of Nostradamus – Sollog Translations
1566 Edition Princeps (a Nostradamus eBook)
Jesus is NOT God
The Lucifer Conspiracy
The Book of Lucifer
Secret of Fatima
Letters for Mappo
Love is the Answer
The Point of Creation
One The Truth
Secret of the Great Pyramid
Final Judgement
GOD of Quakes
Art of Sollog
Poetry of Sollog
The Book of TOH


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