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The 33rd Degree
The 33rd Degree

The 33rd Degree

Illuminati – Occult – Masons – UFOS – Nukes

By Sollog aka Dr. Sol Adoni

The explosive new book by Sollog aka Dr. Sol Adoni an expert on the Occult reveals the dark sinister connections of the Illuminati and the Free Masons to Nukes, UFOS and DEATH.

The 33rd is an ancient occult number that is tied to many things today if you look at a world map for the 33rd Line of Longitude, you will see many famous locations that involve Nuclear Bombs, UFOS, Aliens, Pyramids and many deaths around the world.

The 33rd degree in Free Masonry is the highest level of knowledge that can be obtained and several US Presidents were 33rd Degree Masons including Harry Truman who tested the first nuke on the 33rd line of longitude and who dropped two nukes on Japan that straddled the 33rd line of longitude.

FDR or Franklin Delano Roosevelt who approved the development of nuclear bombs as weapons of mass destruction was a 33rd Degree Free Mason as well.

The famous Roswell UFO crash occurred on the 33rd of longitude just east of where the USA tested the first nuclear bomb in the TRINITY TEST.

The recent war over the ancient capital of Iraq involved the capital city of Baghdad which is on the 33rd line of longitude.

A large ancient pyramid field in the ancient capital of China known today as Xi’an straddles the 33rd line of longitude. In Chinese XiAn means THE LINE.

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