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2020 Prophecy

Great Quakes & Nuke Terrorism

Are Near


Since 1995 the Sollog Prophecies warned of the great plague that starts in 2020.

Covid 19 is that historic plague.


The famous 2020 Prophecy of Sollog also warned of historic hurricanes,

earth quakes and nuclear terrorism all connected to the great plague of 2020.


The Sollog Prophecies have amazed the fans of Sollog all over the world for over 25 years.

Exact details of historic mass death events were in the Prophecies.

Sollog warned publicly of exact details of:

OK City Bombing

Deaths of Princess Diana and JFK Jr

911 Terrorism

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

2004 and 2011 Super Quake Tsunami’s


Sollog wrote over 100 books from 1995 to 2015, most contain new laws in math and physics.

Sollog wrote less than 60 Official Prophecies in that time frame as well.

Almost every book written by Sollog had a final chapter in them

It was a WARNING to be in SAFE ZONES by 2020

SAFE ZONES are remote areas away from humanity

Sollog warned of the 2020 Plague in those chapters

Sollog also warned historic hurricanes and quakes would occur

We had the most hurricanes ever in 2020

How did Sollog know that in 1995?


Sollog warned Nuclear Terrorism and possibly WW 3 would start after 2020

The first cities in the USA to be struck according to the Sollog Prophecies are

Washington DC and New York City

Welcome to the new age of Nuclear Terrorism