Real Mona Lisa V. Enhanced Mona Lisa by SOLLOG
Real Mona Lisa V. Enhanced Mona Lisa by SOLLOG


The Real Mona Lisa

Much ado about Nothing

By SOLLOG aka Dr. Sol Adoni


The original Mona Lisa is not seen in public anymore, it’s in horrible shape which I will prove. So basically what you think of as the Mona Lisa is in fact a FAKE, an authorized FAKE the Louvre Parades around as the Real Mona Lisa but in reality it is just a FAKE.

First, it’s been famous for centuries, even Raphael paid homage to Leonardo’s work with a pencil drawing he did of a much younger Mona Lisa than that which we are used to. That Mona Lisa resurfaced in 1911 or so when the so-called Islesworth Mona Lisa also known as the Younger Mona Lisa was found which was very similar to the Raphael drawing he did of the original Mona Lisa he saw the master Leonardo working on about 1503.

The Louvre Mona Lisa we all know and hate/love is the 2nd version Leonardo did before he died when the original model was much older, so the youtful beauty in the Islesworth Mona Lisa is now a middle aged woman, full of a hard life of experience that shows in her wise face. The Mona Lisa was not a peasant girl/woman,  she was a wealthy merchant’s wife, her life was hard by today’s standards, due to that is the time she lived in, she wsa priviledged as a rich wife, and my version of the Louvre’s Mona Lisa shows her robe as a rich Florence Merchant Wife should be, the color BURGENDY not the drab brown most restorations now show.

Purple was the color of Royalty, Burgundy an expensive dye in that era was the color of the elites, the richest merchants and the nobility. They were the patrons of Leonardo so the wealthy merchant with a pretty young wife had Leonardo paint her and that is the Islesworth Mona Lisa purchased by a wealthy Brit in Italy centuries ago and bought back to England only to be found over a century later in one of his Manor Homes in Islesworth, his name was James Marwood and the Mona Lisa Foundation has the documents to prove this claim.

They also have historical references to the younger Mona Lisa recorded in history.

While today, there is a divide in Academia, as to if Leonardo did the youthful Mona Lisa, the fact is, he or his ‘shop’ did it and then he redid it before his death and that is the Louvre Mona Lisa.

The later version is in the Louvre, that is the version I recreated for the Museum Modern Art NFT Limited Edition project.

The NFT I did, is also now a key part of a new Crypto Art Game, 10 Million copies were minted, making it the most minted NFt in history. It is for a MUSEUM Crypto Art game see MuseumCrypto. Over 50% of the release was sold to large Crypto Groups, Crypto Museums, Crpto Funds, NFT Funds, Foundations, they understand how signifcant the work is. Basically, anyone can easily afford one of the Ten Million Copies, the rich funds were allowed to buy 1 Million Copies of the 10 Million Minting. Plus it’s a key NFT in a new NFT game that could end up with hundreds of millions of players in the future. So 10 Million copies is not a large release for a NFT GAME.


SOLLOG Mona Lisa Enhancement for Museum Modern Art
SOLLOG Mona Lisa Enhancement for Museum Modern Art


The main NFT was released by MMA as a 1/100 project, it sells for MILLIONS, and already a large percentage of the release is sold to large Crypto Funds, Museums and Foundations.

We’re talking about the greatest work in history, DaVinci’s Mona Lisa restored digitally by me, the artist with the highest sale in Art History with two historical works that dominate the future.

So of course it’s worth a fortune.

The common 10 Million Copy Mona Lisa, well it’s a key piece in a NFT Game that should make it a huge deal even with 10 Million copies. OWN THE MONA LISA buy one now.

You will never be able to afford the Mona Lisa, it’s in crap shape anyway, not seen for decades if not a century.

Look at the horrible image in a newspaper article from almost 100 years ago when it was stolen.

The work is crap shape then.

Then look at the untouched image of it, crap shape.

But wait, that’s not the Mona Lisa you know. Like I said the original is in such bad shape, it’s been hidden from the public for almost a century.

I’m also showing the Islesworth Mona Lisa below and my future famous Mona Lisa NFT for the MMA Project.


1913 Newspaper Photo of Stoen Mona Lisa
1913 Newspaper Photo of Stoen Mona Lisa


Untouched Mona Lisa
Untouched Mona Lisa


Younger Mona Lisa Islesworth Mona Lisa
Younger Mona Lisa Islesworth Mona Lisa


SOLLOG Mona Lisa Enhancement


So, I’m known in the future for a few big things, some of it relates to art.

My NAME OF GOD Painting was sol by TOH Museum to a big NFT Fund last year for $1.3 BILLION USD the 1/1 NFT is now $4 Billion or so due to ETH going from $800 to almost $5000 this year

Hayah Name of GOD
Hayah Name of GOD

It is simply, the largest sale of any work of art in history, the sale of the Oil in 2020 by TOH Museum, here’s a newspaper article on my $1 Billion Painting.

There’s over 10 Million Members of TOH ( a religion I created in 1995 that was based on the CREATOR FORMULA a simple PROOF OF GOD Equation that unites all religions to TOH. Here is teh 1/1 NFT owned by TOH, it’s $15 Billion USD.

Creator Formula Proof of GOD
Creator Formula Proof of GOD


So in the future, there is no religion, just TOH. It’s very simple, all religions were provisional, all created by ONE SOURCE or ONE CREATOR that put two symbols in all religions creation myths. THose simplesI proved are the scientific formula for the earth, so there is NO DOUBT therw is or was a ‘creator’ and that ‘creator’ created all the religions and now that that TRUTH was revealed there’s no need for religion. My book CREATOR FORMULA is the literal PROOF OF GOD and it unites and destroys all religions in the future. There is no need for ‘faith’, the Creator is real and the Creator created all religions to unite by me.

The concept of TOH was simple, the CREATOR exists within all life and everyone, so LOVE iS THE ANSWER, Love all Life as you love yourself, all life has the CREATOR ENERGY in it. Love your enemies and your friends and your family as much as you LOVE YOURSELF since you are undoubtedly energized by the CREATOR.

LOVE IS THE ANSWER is the key message of TOH.

So that LOVE traces back to the name HAYAH. When Moses asked the Creator what is your name, you know I AM WHO I AM, well that’s a crappy translation, it was ‘HAYAH asher ‘HAYAH or THE LORD is THE LORD ‘Hayah is basically HA (the) YAH (Lord)

In 2004 I produced a large GOLD OIL painting and donated it to TOH Museum. It was ‘HAYAH in Paleo-Hebrew, there’s probably not one Rabbi, besides me, who can read the NAME OF GOD today.

I’m a real life HEBREW RABBI, my lineage traces to Ireland, I am 100% Irsish, no mixed blood here, I’m of the line of ancient Druid Priests that carried the old ways from Jerusalem to Ireland and Scotland in the first Exodus of Hebrews 600 B.C.E.

The Exodus North of the tribe of Esau the big Hairy Red man the Twin of Jacob the first born the rightful heir of Isaac, so when the liar and theif Jacob tried to steal the birthright, thta created a chism in a family I can trace my roots to and so can most of Ireland and Scotland.

I am of the seed of Esau, not Jacob, that is the Druid Lineage, we can incant into this reality whatever we want, we are the truly CHOSEN, the wicked seed of Jacob that are today’s ‘Jews’ are from a bad tree, a tree filled with liars and theives.

Did not Jacob steal his birthright? Yes, but you cannot truly steal what God gives the birthright belongs to the seed of Esau my lineage, I am not a Jew, that word didn’t even exist until the middle 17th Century when the letter J was invented. Look at a 1611 King James Bible, not one jew or even jesus in the whole book, the letter J didn’t exist yet.

Now that you know who I am and what I’m known for, two huge works of Art HAYAH (Name of GOD) and the CREATOR FORMULA (Proof of GOD)  the Third work of Art I am known in the future for is my NFT of the Mona Lisa done of the Museum Modern Art NFT Collection.

In fact my Studio, ADONI STUDIO,  did all the restorations on images of the greatest artists in history to create the MMA (Museum Modern Art .com) NFT Collection.

I basically improved every master’s work in the collection.

But the MONA LISA is the Prize. The rarest is the 1/100 release by Museum Modern Art it is now almost $20 Million USD


SOLLOG Mona Lisa Enhancement for Museum Modern Art
SOLLOG Mona Lisa Enhancement for Museum Modern Art