SEC Notice Coinbase DMCA Violation

Coinbase has committed the largest DMCA violation in history.

Almost every NFT listed on their site was stolen from Opensea.
The meta Data
The images of art
Owner info
I did not grant any permission to Coinbase to show my art
Then, they say someone else created my art.
Then they misname my collections.
How can you let a public company list my art on their ripoff site and then link to another entity as it’s Creator?
There’s millions of NFTs now created by millions of artists.
All of us had our work illegally used by Coinbase.
Their stock will become worthless due to this massive DMCA violation.
They have no respect for Artists due to them stealing our work.
Just ask them
How many artists NFTs do they have in their database?
How many gave them express permission to display their art?
Millions of artists
Almost none of us agreed to let them show our IP assets.
I paid Opensea to mint my art.
I didn’t give any other market the right to display my work.
The only solution.
Shut down their entire NFT operation.
They are ripping off millions of artists.