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Abstract Face of Jesus – 13 Lines

Eye of RA

OM Symbol by Sollog

Face of Jesus by Sollog

Abstract Occult Symbol Collage

Abstract Face Rectangle Man

Pink Lady Face

Alien Face

Abstract Face

HAYAH Name of God

Gold Cancer Zodiac Symbols


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On May 1st 2017  the word Messiah was ERASED from Bibles all over the world

Exactly as Sollog warned in 1998

See Messiah Erased .com


Sollog is the Greatest Mystic in the world. His prophecies are so accurate the media and his legion of fans calls him the new Nostradamus.

Sollog is a historic figure due to his world famous prophecies and numerous theories in math and physics.

All proceeds from items sold on this site go to charity.

Sollog has accurately predicted exact details of many historic events and has consulted with numerous intelligence agencies to help prevent terrorism.

You can buy Sollog Readings, Books, Crystals, ArtMusic, and Autographs from the Sollog Store.

Sollog has authored over 100 Books and his World Famous Prophecies warned of:

911 and Oklahoma City Bombing

2004 Tsunami

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Great Quakes in Haiti, Japan, Nepal and others.

TWA 800 and other Plane Crashes

Death of Princess Diana & JFK Jr.

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