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Original Art by SOLLOG

Original Oils – Water Colors – Marker


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Sollog is a listed Artist on Artist Values .com he has a AAA+ Rating

Sollog is one of the hottest NFT Crypto Artists as well. He has designed many NFT Projects including

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8 Bit Masters

Lizard Kings

100 years from now only a few of today’s Artists will be remembered. 500 Years from now almost no modern artists will be remembered. It’s unlikely the pop art of Warhol will last hundreds of years, and the drip art of Pollock will not be considered ‘art’ well into the future. It’s unlikely the geometric forms of Picasso will last for centuries either and the acid induced altered reality of Dali will probably fade as well.

For over 100 years modern art has drifted far from centuries of the realistic imagery of masters such as Michelangelo and Rembrandt and fell into the abyss of what is now called modern art where an artists personality mattered more than their ability to present a realistic presentation of life upon their canvas.

The fact is, hundreds of years from now SOLLOG’s name will be remembered for what he achieved in many areas of life. His art will become the most prized possessions of humans in the future due to who he is today and will be considered by the future humans who survive the great apocalypse that SOLLOG has written about for almost twenty five years now.

As SOLLOG has warned since 1995, the Great Plague of 2020 has begun and now the mass exodus to the SOLLOG Safe Zones are beginning. In the SAFE ZONES the future of humanity survive and they thank SOLLOG for being the one person who warned of these times and that warning compels millions to flea modern cities that are all gone in the future.

With millions of fans around the world due to his famous prophecies, SOLLOG’s famous name will live on much like Nostradamus. Today a hand drawn horoscope of Nostradamus would bring over $5 Million USD if you could find one. That was the auction price for such a work years ago when one was found.

SOLLOG is also the founder of the Nation of ONE and the Temple of ‘Hayah. He is a historic figure now and well into the future. With over 1 Million members in each organization both are the fasting growing organizations in their areas. Nation of ONE already has millions of people under it’s organization. Over 1 Million members and with family members and spouses it is easily a top 100 population count for a ‘nation’. Like the Sovereign Military of Malta which is the only “Country” with no land recognized by the U.N. as an observer nation, the Nation of ONE has no land yet it’s members live in almost all countries recognized by the U.N.

While the works of Masters from 500 years ago are now worth mega-millions, in their time most were unknown figures.

Today a few living artists are alive to witness their paintings fetch almost 100 million USD at auction. Is there really any reason a Hockney or Koons warrant the sum of almost 100 million dollars? It’s an insane world in which such amounts are thrown at works that won’t stand the test of time. The childish landscapes of Hockney look like a child painted them. Surely future humans will view most modern art masters as charlatans as real artists.

As the Founder of 1 Media an internet company with over 300 business portals, SOLLOG is a major figure in Business.

As the Founder of both the Nation of ONE and Temple of ‘Hayah SOLLOG is a world famous political and religious leader.

His Prophecies predicted 911, the 2004 Tsunami, the Fukushima Event and the Great Plague of 2020. The Prophecies of SOLLOG will be studied in the future for many generations still to come. He will be considered by many the GREATEST PROPHET to ever walk the earth.

His theories in math and physics have advanced mankind’s knowledge in many fields of study from math to physics. His theories make him a historic intellect in the future. He has redefined gravity and black holes and for almost 50 years his crazy theory of our Universe being a computer simulation is now cutting edge physics.

As the author of over 100 Books and as the writer of over 100 Songs and the Producer of over two dozen films, SOLLOG is a major force in Entertainment. His books will be read thousands of years from now as the words of great authors from the distant past are still read today.

If an artist is known for painting, then their most valuable works will always be original hand drawn oils.

These are Original Oils by SOLLOG and most are now worth over $1 Million Dollars with a few that relate to his theories in math or his great religious movement based on the True Name of God are now Priceless with values over 100 million dollars. While the rare oils of SOLLOG are now priced beyond what 99.9% of the population can afford, other media of SOLLOG originals are still within the means of many collectors.

The next tier for Investing in Art by artists known for their paintings are Water Color Paintings.

The Water Color Paintings of SOLLOG are still affordable works by SOLLOG especially the Water Color Zodiacs he does for fans.

The Third Tier of Original Art is Hand Drawings in lesser media such as Marker today, or Pastels, Crayon, Charcoal, Pencil and Ink.

The Hand Drawings of SOLLOG usually in Marker or Charcoal are affordable to most.

The Fourth Tier of Collectible Art is limited print editions usually hand signed by the Artist.

The Fifth Tier of Collectible Art are mass produced prints signed by the Artist.

Their are currently Ten Tiers to Value of Artists. The first tier is where SOLLOG’s Original Oils now command over $1 Million Dollars (USD). In the rarified status of Artists who can command over 1 Million for an Oil, there are now a few levels.

$100 Million Plus Oils

$50 Million Plus Oils

$25 Million Plus Oils

$10 Million Plus Oils

$5 Million Plus Oils

$1 Million Plus Oils

SOLLOG’s most valuable Oils are now held by International Non Profit Trusts and certain works are valued over $1 Billion Dollars such as the Gold Oil Canvas work he did with the Name of GOD which is ‘Hayah (Given to Moses in the famous I AM WHO I AM Verse). The Name is written in Gold Oil in an Ancient Hebrew script known to only a few elite Scholars.

SOLLOG has revealed many theories in math and physics Equation is also a Priceless work of Art held by the Trust.

Lesser SOLLOG Oils are now all priced at $100 Million Dollars and a lucky fan can still purchase a Zodiac Symbol hand drawn by SOLLOG for only $100,000 Dollars.

The following is the 10 Tier Value Guide to Art Investing.


10 Tiers to Value in the World of Art Investing.

$1 Million Plus – 1st Tier

$500,000 Plus – 2nd Tier

$250,000 Plus – 3rd Tier

$100,000 Plus – 4th Tier

$50,000 Plus – 5th Tier

$25,000 Plus – 6th Tier

$10,000 Plus – 7th Tier

$5,000 Plus – 8th Tier

$1,000 Plus – 9th Tier

$100 Plus – 10th Tier



Great Investment

Original Art by SOLLOG

Original Oils – Water Colors – Marker


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