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Abstract Female Face

Abstract Face of Jesus – 13 Lines

Eye of RA

OM Symbol by Sollog

Face of Jesus by Sollog

Abstract Occult Symbol Collage

Abstract Face Rectangle Man

Pink Lady Face

Alien Face

Abstract Face

HAYAH Name of God

Gold Cancer Zodiac Symbols

Sollog is a historic figure due to his world famous prophecies and numerous theories in math and physics.

Sollog also founded the Temple of ‘Hayah and Nation of ONE. With over 1 Million Members in the Nation of ONE, this fact makes the Nation of ONE Membership larger than almost 100 recognized Countries and Territories in the World.

So Original Art from Sollog is like having original artwork from a World Leader or even a religious leader. Making Sollog Art one of the Greatest Investments in Art Collecting in the World.

All proceeds from the sale of items on this site go to charity.

Sollog has created original artwork signed by his famous name since 1995.

Sollog Original Oils on Canvas are sought by many elite art collectors around the world.

Due to the famous Sollog Prophecies coming true such as the 2020 Great Plague, the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown on March 11th as Sollog warned, the Great 2004 Tsunami and 911, Sollog is now a historic PROPHET validated as a true seer who has created the fasted growing Religion on Earth (Temple of ‘Hayah) and the fasted growing New Nation on Earth, the Nation of ONE.

Sollog Water Colors and Oils are now all worth fortunes.

SOLLOG Original Marker Art is the most affordable SOLLOG Art for a fan to collect. It’s an ORIGINAL HAND DRAWN WORK OF ART Signed by SOLLOG one of the most valuable living artists on earth.

Sollog’s Custom Zodiacs are an affordable work of Art by Sollog still.

Due to the value of Sollog’s Artwork becoming so expensive due to the historic significance of Sollog, he recently created a new Artwork item done by hand in Marker that most people can easily afford a Sollog Zodiac Sign done in Marker.

Due to Sollog’s proven psychic powers, he is already considered by many to be a major historic figure much as Nostradamus and other great Prophets are. His prophecies have been world famous for over two decades.

Sollog has also given humanity many amazing math and physics formulas that ensures the name SOLLOG will be known as long as there are humans on earth.

Sollog’s theories include:

The Creator Formula (Proof of Creation/God)

Theory E – New Theory on Black Holes and Gravity

PDFPlanetary Distance Formula (Used by NASA)

EOEElliptical Orbit Effect on Plate Tectonics (Used by USGS)

30 Mod Prime Algorithm8 Prime Spirals (Used by NSA)

Sollog Art


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