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Discoveries of Sollog
Discoveries of Sollog

Discoveries of Sollog eBook

By Sollog

Sollog is world famous for his PROPHECIES. Yet, his math and physics theories are discussed in major math departments like MIT and Princeton. His fans call him THE GREAT GENIUS of Nostradamus’ Prophecies.

Sollog’s theories include:

The Proof of God Formula

The Creator Formula

PDF РPlanetary Distance Formula  РUsed by NASA

Prime Algorithm – Used by NSA

Hologram Universe

Planeium – Dark Matter Theory

Solstice Lines – Ancient Energy

EOE Theory – Elliptical Orbit Effect on Plate Tectonics – Used by USGS

The way Sollog explains complex theories that redefine physics and math are easily understood even by a lay person. No need to be a math major to enjoy how Sollog solves complex math problems using relatively simple math concepts. Math concepts he claims the Ancients knew very well.

This book puts forth the major Sollog Discoveries or Theories in math and physics that will reshape our world.



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