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Grey Aliens
Grey Aliens

Grey Aliens eBook

My Encounter with a Grey Alien

By Sollog aka Dr. Sol Adoni

Sollog aka Dr. Sol Adoni is no ordinary person making amazing claims of a firsthand encounter with Grey Aliens.

Dr. Sol Adoni is the founder of many tech companies as well as Internet Companies and media as well as publishing companies.

Dr. Sol Adoni has authored over 100 Books under several pen names including Dr. Sol Adoni and Sollog.

Dr. Sol Adoni has a wall full of Honorary Doctorates for his work in mathematics, physics and astrophysics. He is the Dean Emeritus of a University.

For over 20 years Dr. Sol Adoni has amazed his fans and the world with his ‘Prophecies’ where he writes about ‘visions’ he has from his astral meditations. He has become one of the most investigated people in the history of the FBI and NSA due to his accurate public warnings about 911, the Oklahoma City Bombing, TWA 800 and many school shootings.

On the 20th Anniversary of when Dr. Sol Adoni first went public with his psychic visions of the future, he is revealing he true story of his encounter with Grey Aliens in April 1995 shortly after the Oklahoma City Bombing happened.

This gripping true story of how he interacted with Grey Aliens and how after that encounter he was able to find hidden information in books with the aid of Grey manipulation, so he could bring to humanity many great ideas in math, physics, astrophysics and even ancient history and theology.

If you have ever seen a UFO or had the experience of a Grey encounter this book will confirm YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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