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I Time Travel
I Time Travel

I Time Travel

Book I – The Red Pill

By Sollog



1 Book Review – An AMAZING work of LITERARY ART

1 eBooks – A book that will CHANGE how we view Fiction!

247 News – An epoch in history that could change our world!

This is the amazing story of Sollog, a man that claims he is a TIME TRAVELER. For over 20 years Sollog has amazed his fans all over the world by placing the exact details of the future into public records. This series of books is so controversial they have been BANNED BY AMAZON most likely due to the order of the NSA.

Sollog details his Amazing Story as Sollog the Time Traveler who became a World Famous Prophet due to his proven abilities to Travel Through Time with only his Amazing Mind…

Sollog’s new series of Time Travel Books are called the AMAZING ADVENTURES OF SOLLOG THE TIME TRAVLER and are also marketed as the I TIME TRAVEL Series.

The Books in this Series are:

Book 1 – The Red Pill

Book 2 – Awakening of Sollog

Book 3 – Early Life of Sollog

Book 4 – My Alien Operation

Book 5 – 911

Books 6 through 10 are planned in the series but not yet titled.


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