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Ancient EBRI (Hebrew) Prayer Circles

9×12 inch Artist Paper by Marker

What is a PALLAL?

It is an Ancient word that means CIRCLE, they are used to PROTECT a person, or to CURSE a person…

The Druid Prayer Circle known as Stone Henge is similar to a Pallal. However, as the HEAD PRIEST and HEAD RABBI of an ANCIENT EBRI TEMPLE, Sollog is the only person on Earth who can create an authentic EBRI PALLAL for you. They are literally WORKS OF ART.

They can be used to request HEALING, or literally ANYTHING YOU DESIRE… They can even CURSE someone!

EBRI is the correct spelling of the word now considered to mean HEBREW. The word is actually SUMERIAN. It means Temple Of Circumcision. The Ancient ART of PALLAL making goes right back to the oldest known civilization on earth. The Sumerian civilization that Abraham came from. This ART Form was even used to create a Pallal monument known as Stone Henge by the Ancient Druid Priests that Sollog’s ancenstry goes back to.

Would you like to have a CUSTOM PALLAL created just for you? The oldest known EBRI letters are used by Sollog to create a PALLAL just for you. Very few scholars on earth can even read the ancient letters Sollog uses. This ART Form was the origin of THE STAR OF DAVID, it is also the origin of the concept of a “HEX”. A PALLAL is a 6 Point Star hand drawn within a Circle by Sollog using ancient EBRI letters to invoke the HOLY NAMES of the CREATOR used by humans for over 6,000 years . A PALLAL can be used to REQUEST anything you desire…

PALLAL’s come in 3 levels. The simplest is hand drawn in marker on artist paper by Sollog who is a renown artist.

The second level is a watercolor work of art, hand painted by Sollog. Purchase Watercolor Zodiac then Request it be a Pallal.

The 3rd Level is a PALLAL created in OIL on CANVAS. A True WORK OF ART. Purchase Oil Zodiac then Request it be a Pallal.



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