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Join the Crypto Revolution

Only 10 Partnerships will be Sold


For only $3000 you can Partner with Sollog to acquire Crypto Gods NFT Art Tokens with only 10% down.

Tokens will be transferred to your wallet to list on popular exchanges.

You can promote in social media.

This item includes a Crypto Gods Crypto NFT Art Token.

It’s value is $20,000

When you list and sell, the sale is recorded in the Ethereum public ledger block chain.

You are obligated to send Sollog’s Charity fifty percent of the selling price less initial partner cost to transfer token.


1/1000 Token value $20,000

Cost to acquire $2000

You list on exchanges

When it sells the deal is public record.

You send Sollog’s Charity 50% Net Profit after Partner acquisition fee (10% Retail Value)

Higher valued Tokens are

1/100 $200,000 Retail 10% $20k

1/10 $2M Retail 10% $200k

1/1 $20M Retail SOLD OUT

The success of any NFT Series depends on getting lots of owners involved. This 10% Stake Program allows anyone to invest in Sollog NFT Art Tokens that have high value for a fraction of the value.





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