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13 Lines – Face of Jesus

Original Sollog Oil

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On May 1st 2017 our world changed

LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Erased the word Messiah

From Bibles and Qurans all over the world

Exactly as SOLLOG warned in 1998


SOLLOG is the TRUE PROPHET of Lord God Almighty

SOLLOG Books and Art are now the most valuable items on Earth

All Proceeds from SOLLOG Books and Items go to TOH

TOH is an International Non Profit Religious Organization


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Sollog Original Oil on Canvas

Sollog created an iconic image of Jesus with just 13 brush strokes in this work. The Symbolism of this work is truly amazing.

Sollog uses 13 Lines in the 7 Primary Colors to created this amazing abstract face of Jesus. It is Classic Sollog Symbolism truly a  master piece of Sollog Symbolism.

6 Lines in vibrate red form 3 upside down crosses to symbolize the crowns of the passion of Christ.

The symbolic use of the number 13 the number of people at the Last Supper is used by Sollog to show how ancient Christianity used occult numbers to create their man god Jesus.

Sollog is the author of over 100 books, a dozen films and documentaries and over 100 original songs.

Sollog has numerous honorary doctorates for his theories in math, physics, astrophysics and computer science as well as ancient history, ancient languages and law.

In 1995 Sollog revealed his work  The Creator Formula to humanity. In the future this great work of Sollog is viewed as more important than formula’s such as E=MC^2. The reason is, this formula unites every major religious belief to a scientific formula that creates the perfect circumference of Earth and it will unite the world’s religions and become the foundation of the final religion on Earth, that being TOH – Temple Of ‘Hayah.

Sollog is so important in history that having any original artwork from him is a major acquisition. However, owning the few pieces of Sollog’s Artwork that capture such an important aspect of the Sollog life that he founded Temple ‘Hayah makes this work of art a major work.

Imagine owing an oil by Einstein with E=MC^2 on it.

Or owning a Zodiac Symbol drawn by Nostradamus.

That is what owning this work of art is, an acquisition of a major Religious Name by a person that reshapes humanity.

13 Lines Face of Jesus
13 Lines Face of Jesus



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