Sollog Oil The Creator Formula



The Creator Formula

Original Oil by Sollog

Creator Formula
Creator Formula

22″x28″ Oil on Canvas Dated 2011

In the future The Creator Formula of Sollog is viewed as more important than formula’s such as E=MC^2. The reason is, this formula unites every major religious belief to a scientific formula that creates the perfect circumference of Earth and it will unite the world’s religions and become the foundation of the final religion on Earth, that being TOH – Temple Of ‘Hayah.

THE PROOF OF GOD is within these symbols and having this major Sollog Work of Art in your collection means your collection gains instant historic relevancy due to just owning this one work by Sollog.

Sollog is the author of over 100 books, a dozen films and documentaries and over 100 original songs.

Sollog has numerous honorary doctorates for his theories in math, physics, astrophysics and computer science as well as ancient history, ancient languages and law.

Sollog is that important in history that having any original artwork from him is a major acquisition. However, owning the few pieces of Sollog’s Artwork that capture his major theories means you are literally buying a work of art that a major historic figure is known for, as to that work being a major scientific theory.

Imagine owing an oil by Einstein with E=MC^2 on it.

Or owning a Zodiac Symbol drawn by Nostradamus.

That is what owning this work of art is, an acquisition of a major scientific theory that reshapes humanity.





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