Theory E


Theory E

The Theory of Everything

By Dr. Sol Adoni aka SOLLOG



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Theory E

The Theory of Everything

By Dr. Sol Adoni aka SOLLOG



247 News – “Dr. Sol Adoni explains the Theory of Everything”

1 eBooks – “The Great Genius Destroys Big Bang Theory”

1 News – “Einstein’s Formula Exposed as Infinity Loop”

Universitius Press -“Hawking Black Hole Theory Wrong”


Dr. Adoni the Great Genius DESTROYS Big Bang Theory


Dr. Adoni Discovered

Prime Number Algorithm used by NSA

Corrected Titus-Bodes Law now used by NASA

EOE Theory used by USGS

Theorized Computer Universe Theory

Theorized Holographic Universe Theory


Dr. Adoni has explained EVERYTHING in this Magnus Opus

He explains Black Holes are a force field of Anti-Electro-Magnetic Field

He explains the Big Bang did not happen

He proves Einsteins Expression E=MC^2 is an Infinity Loop

He explains why Inflation Theory produces Infinite Universes in Error

He puts forth the Star Density Formula for the Milky Way

Includes Dr. Adoni’s Famous Theories

PDF Planetary Distance Formula

EOE Theory Elliptical Orbit Effect



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