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UFOS The Proof
UFOS The Proof

UFOS The Proof


By Sollog aka Dr. Sol Adoni

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1 UFOS – A well researched book on the long history of UFOS with new information that is a major new discovery in UFOS.

1 eBooks – The Greatest UFO Book ever written with the first images of UFO Pilots and proof the FBI covered up Roswell.

The first images of UFO Pilots ever released are in this amazing book on UFOS.

The most famous UFO photos and videos as well as the most compelling not so famous UFO photos and videos are all covered in UFOS – The Proof.

In UFOS – The Proof famous occult author Sollog takes on the subject of UFOs. What he reveals will shock and amaze you. Sollog reveals photos that PROVE UFOs ARE REAL!

Sollog even reveals photos of UFOs where the occupants can easily be seen. One such photo from Mexico shows the faces of 10 bearded humanoid men who resemble the figures of ancient Mayan myths.

In this work Sollog explains the various types of UFOs and he even explains how UFOs work, they use electro-magnetic fields to manipulate the gravity of the earth and space according to Sollog.

Sollog also explains why UFOs have made it obvious that they allow themselves to be photographed where future major tragedies are about to occur.

The reasons that the occupants of UFOs have allowed their ships to be photographed, is that the entities within them have a WARNING for mankind that Sollog reveals in UFOs – The Proof.

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