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Sollog Museum Modern Art Exhibit


There are 8 SOLLOG Art Exhibits


Abstract Watercolors – TOH Museutm

Abstract Oils – TOH Museum

Abstract Pastels – TOH Museum

Zodiac Symbols

Astrology Symbols

Canaanite Hebrew Characters

Cave Symbols

Asian Characters


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SOLLOG Abstract Watercolor Art Exhibit

(36 Paintings)


SOLLOG Abstract Oils Art Exhibit

(18 Paintings)


SOLLOG Abstract Pastels Art Exhibit

99 Drawings


SOLLOG Zodiac Symbols Art Exhibit

12 Symbols


SOLLOG Astrology Symbols Art Exhibit

11 Symbols


SOLLOG Canaanite Hebrew Characters Art Exhibit

(22 Symbols)


SOLLOG Cave Symbols Art Exhibit

(32 Symbols)


SOLLOG Asian Characters Art Exhibit

(31 Symbols)


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