Tezos Sucks

Tezos Sucks



I wasted one of the last weeks of my life with this shit coin, I don’t have long to live, I’m in END STAGE CARDIAC FAILURE, 21% BFE in my damaged heart, it was destroyed by a blood clot from a collapsed vein caused by the incompetent staff of Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale FL.

Anyway, I put a new NFT Project on the shit coin TEZOS and after a week, I burned it all, millions in art.

That’s how bad Tezos is, I don’t want my art or name associated with it.

My Oil Canvas’ are now priceless setting records in the art world, my Crypto Art Projects before this were all on Ethereum and due to high gas fees, I thought I would start to use Tezos. It is crap people, absolute crap.

HEN aka Hic Et Nunc is a JOKE, their discord is crap.

One of the top wallets is a joke, Kukai Wallet, it’s a Hawaiian word and guess what it means in Hawaiian CRAP or KaKa or CaCa in other languages.

HEN collapsed three times this week, all the work, GONE.

My wallet collapsed several times.

Since I’m in the end stage of my life, I don’t have time to put up with shit technology.

ETHEREUM is the Rolls Royce for Art.

My art is there.

Not too happy with Opensea, but it works.

They need to get their name off my Collections when the NFT’s I created show up on other ETH Markets, it’s not the Opensea Collection it’s a SOLLOG Collection you assholes.

So DUMP XTZ, if you buy art, stick for now to ETHEREUM NFT’s.

ETH 2.0 will be a big deal, eventually fracti takes over the world, it is Crypto 3.0 and yeah I helped create it.

Bitcoin is shit, a toy limited to 7TPS, ETH 1.0 is crap, limited to 25TPS but ETH 2.0 is supposed to be 25K TPS and Visa is only 17K so if ETH 2.0 is real and it has 25K TPS that will rule crypto and NFT’s for a while, but the 250K TPS Project is fracti  and it takes over the world soon.

Not sure I’ll be alive to see it, but it will.

My art is now officially on SOLLOG.art



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